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  • Bottle By Bottle

    Season 3. Ep3.
    21 mins

    Plastic is versatile, cheap and long-lasting. It’s also the cause of an environmental crisis the world over. Plastic waste is polluting our rivers and seas, leaching into soils and creating…

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  • Bigger Than All Of Us

    Season 3. Ep2.

    Nature connects us all, so its decline and destruction should be a concern for us all. In 2023 WWF, RSPB and National Trust published the People’s Plan for Nature, a document…

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  • Lines In The Sand

    Season 3, Ep. 1
    24 mins

    In late 2023, Kevin Jordan’s dream retirement home by the sea was demolished by the local council. Bought only 14-years prior, it was deemed unsafe and at risk from coastal…

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  • Series 3 Trailer

    Season 3, trailer
    44 secs

    Sometimes, you hear a story that makes you really sit up and take notice. It might be tragic, it might be heroic, it might just be completely fascinating – but all…

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  • Civic Revolution: 3 Connection

    Season 2, Ep. 3
    19 mins

    In this final audiobook episode, we adopt a new perspective and go on to explore the common ground that connects people. We discover the power and appeal of working together…

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  • Civic Revolution: 2 Opportunity

    Season 2, Ep. 2
    18 mins

    In episode two, Civic Revolution: Opportunity, we sift for clues in our past that shape the future. Throughout our history, we have been converting energy from one form to another…

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  • Civic Revolution: 1 Jeopardy

    Season 2, Ep. 1
    19 mins

    In this audiobook episode, we look at the predicament of humankind: the quest for endless economic expansion in a world of finite resources and planetary boundaries. We don’t need to…

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  • Civic Revolution: Trailer

    Season 2, Ep. 0
    1 min

    Hi, Ric Casale, co-Founder of Carbon Copy here! Four years ago, I wrote Civic Revolution – a book about the clash between our culture and wellbeing, and the power of community to…

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  • Fixing Our Throwaway Economy

    Season 1, Ep. 5
    29 mins

    Hello! How is repairing and reuse possible when the throwaway culture is so deeply rooted in our economy?  The Fixing Factory is a new project with a fresh approach that…

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  • Running Out Of Time 2022

    Season 1, Ep. 4
    30 mins

    Hello! The longest non-stop relay ever attempted is starting in October 2022; 7200km from Glasgow in Scotland to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, in the name of climate action. Community leaders,…

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  • From Seed To Solar

    Season 1, Ep. 3
    35 mins

    Hello! In this episode, the inspiration is provided by Energy Garden, a co-operative which has helped over 130 communities create gardens at overground railway stations across London. Not only has…

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  • Blue Green City Of The Future

    Season 1, Ep. 2
    36 mins

    Hello! This week we’re off to Hull to discover how the Living With Water partnership is working with the community to build a “blue green city of the future.”  We’re…

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  • Achieving The Impossible Dream

    Season 1, Ep. 1
    37 mins

    In this episode, hosts Ric and Amanda are reunited, having last met when Ric arrived at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, on the first day of COP26, having (literally)…

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  • Copy This Trailer

    Season 1, Ep. 0
    1 min

    In this short trailer host Ric Casale is joined by team mate Isabelle Sparrow to delve into what to expect from ‘Copy This’, the first series of the Carbon Copy…

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