Relay participants including young care leavers, Damon from Northampton Town FC Community Trust, and team members from Northamptonshire Children's Trust, smiling for the camera at the Sixfields Stadium.

With Northamptonshire Children’s Trust, Northampton Town FC Community Trust and Northampton Road Runners.

In this episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, host Isabelle Sparrow travels to an event at the Sixfields Stadium, home of Northampton Town Football Club, for a special event involving young care leavers and school children from across Northamptonshire. We hear from members of the team at Northampton Children’s Trust, as well as some of the care leavers themselves; as well as finding out more about the work of the Northampton Town FC Community Trust. 

Listen now to hear why climate issues are so important to these young people and those who support them. 

“We work with 16- to 25-year-olds and I think (climate change) affects everybody, and it’s going to affect them for longer than it will affect us so it’s good to get people involved in climate change campaigns.”

– Rae Shaw, Northamptonshire Children’s Trust. 

Show Notes 

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