The Carbon Copy Team stand in front of Big Ben at the finish line of Running Out of Time

With Camino Ultra, Newham Council, PlanetMark, Climate Emergency UK and the Running Out of Time team. 

In this, the final episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, the team join the relay for the finale in London. We chat to ultrarunner David Bone co-founder of Camino Ultra, Jacob Heitland of Newham Council, Fiona Jones of the IFS Cloud Cable, Andrew Griffiths from PlanetMark and Isaac Beevor from Climate Emergency UK, as we make our way towards Parliament Square for the Finish Line. We also hear for a final time from relay crew members Harry Hughes, Rohan Date and Roisin McDonough; as well as Running Out of Time co-founders Dan Thompson and Jamie Hay. 

Listen, as we celebrate the end of this incredible month-long, 2,436 km people-powered journey to deliver a message to politicians across all parties, and now in particular to the new Government in Westminster: 

We call for commitment to cutting emissions, restoring nature and helping those most affected by climate change. We are united for people, climate and nature – and we are running out of time. 

Show Notes   

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