Prof Andrew Charlton-Perez of the University of Reading and Dan Thompson co-founder of the Running Out of Time relay stand on a balcony overlooking the pitch at Lord's cricket ground.

At Lord’s Cricket Ground with the University of Reading, The Green Runners and England Athletics.

In this episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, the climate relay visits the world-famous Lord’s Cricket Ground, to mark Show Your Stripes Day as the baton headed through North London and then west to finish the day at Reading Climate Festival. We chat to Stuart Dunlop, Sustainability and Accessibility Manager at Lord’s, as well as Andrew Charlton-Perez, Professor of Meteorology at the University of Reading; before catching up with Carbon Copy trustees Heather and Ric as they completed their first leg. 

Also in this episode, a conversation with co-founder of The Green Runners, Nina Davies, and Harry Stow of England Athletics, about the exciting project they are collaborating on to bring sustainability to more athletics clubs around the country. 

Listen to learn more about the need for action now, from athletes, fans and sporting organisations alike. 

Show Notes 

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Find out more about sustainability at Lord’s: 

Learn more about Show Your Stripes Day and the climate stripes: 

Learn more about the Run to 2030 event being organised by The Green Runners and England Athletics:

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