A woman and a man stand on a path in front of a wide shot cityscape of Glasgow.

With Rory Crawford of the National Trust’s Nature Neighbourhoods programme, Julieanne Levett and Bob Alston of Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve and Jen O’Brien of Music Broth. 

In this, the second episode of this Running Out of Time special series, the relay baton has reached Glasgow. Here, we meet members of the team from the Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve, and hear from Rory Crawford of the National Trust why this local community initiative is being supported by the Nature Neighbourhoods programme.  

We also explore why one of the key messages of the relay, a call for political commitment to protect and restore nature, is so important – and how voters can ensure their candidates are doing all they can.  

Finally, we have a chat with Founding Director of Music Broth, Jen O’Brien, who participated in a leg of the relay and whose social enterprise is helping more people to access musical instruments whilst reducing waste and the need for new instruments to be produced. 

Listen to discover these exciting stories from Scotland’s biggest city. 

Show Notes  

Find out more about what’s happening across Glasgow for climate and nature, here: www.carboncopy.eco/local-climate-action/glasgow-city 

Find out more about Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/the-claypits 

Find out more about the Nature Neighbourhoods project: https://peoplesplanfornature.org/nature-neighbourhoods 

See Rory presenting on CBeebies: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000sccf

Find out more about Parents for Future: https://parentsforfuture.org.uk/

Listen to the Carbon Copy Podcast episode about the People’s Plan for Nature: https://carboncopy.eco/podcasts/bigger-than-all-of-us 

Read more about Music Broth: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/music-broth

Sign up for a leg of the relay: https://running-out-of-time.com/route/ 

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