Lord Victor Adebowale and Prof Sally Moyles standing at a lectern at Worcester University.

With Bike Worcester, the University of Worcester and Lord Victor Adebowale

In this episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, we rejoin the climate relay as the baton reaches Worcester. We hear from Dan Brothwell and Rob Collier, founders of Bike Worcester, about their passion for make cycling more accessible for all. We also learn about sustainability at the University of Worcester, from Professor Sally Moyle and Katy Boom, in a conversation with Chair of the NHS Confederation, Lord Victor Adebowale. 

Listen to hear how the next generation is inspiring all the guests in this episode to take action for a more sustainable future. 

“I’m 62 and it seems that our generation really had a bit of a party. You know, [sustainability] wasn’t that big an issue… We’ve had a great time, and now the generation that are running out of time have got five years basically to make a significant difference to the trajectory. Otherwise, they’re going to be living in a depleted world… 

“…We had the party, but we’re expecting them to get in the kitchen and clean up afterwards, and actually, I’m surprised they’re not more frustrated or more angry than they are because this is their lives and their kids’ lives. So we have a duty to make this an issue, to listen to them and help them tell the story and get the message across.”  

– Lord Victor Adebowale

Show Notes 

Find out more about what’s happening across Worcester for climate and nature, here: www.carboncopy.eco/local-climate-action/worcester   

Learn more about Bike Worcester: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/bike-worcester  

Listen to the full Bike Worcester No Foot Down podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/14suTArgU6nEjyD6WgOsr1?si=fd6f3be36f8c4452 

Read more about the SHIFT scheme in Worcester: https://goshift.co.uk/ 

Read about sustainability work taking place at the University of Worcester: https://www.worcester.ac.uk/about/sustainability/ 

Read about the work the NHS Confederation is doing to tackle the climate crisis: https://www.nhsconfed.org/topic/climate-change  

Learn about Lord Victor Adebowale: https://www.nhsconfed.org/people/victor-adebowale-cbe  

Sign up for a leg of the Running Out of Time relay: https://running-out-of-time.com/route 

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