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Taking To The Street

A man in a yellow high-vis vest and peaked cap stands on a residential road. Next to him is an extendable red and white road barrier, and his hand rests on the top of a red moveable "Road Closed" sign.

Reducing road danger with Sustrans School Streets.

Whether your concern is air pollution, road danger or the environment; the severe congestion that plagues the streets around UK primary schools is something we could all do without.  

In this episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast, released during National Walking Month, we meet James Lucas, a devoted father and keen cyclist from Wymondham in South Norfolk, who has worked with others at his children’s school to implement a School Street initiative – closing the road outside the school to most motorised vehicles twice a day during term time. We also hear from Cara Fahy, Headteacher at Robert Kett Primary School, Jeremy Wiggin of Norfolk County Council and David Burt from Sustrans to learn more about the successes and challenges of implementing a School Street. 

Listen now to Taking To The Street, to hear how this collaborative initiative is benefitting the lives of children, parents and the wider school community. 

Show Notes 

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Read about what Norfolk County Council is doing to address climate change: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/climate

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