Greater Fairness

Featured initiatives

  • Hay Community Assemblies

    Hay Community Assemblies

    Running community assemblies to make better decisions that serve the needs of all.

    Buildings & Places
  • Stronger Roots

    Stronger Roots

    Turning urban growing spaces into gathering places for different communities to enjoy.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Canopy Housing

    Canopy Housing

    Providing housing, training and green-building skills through a retrofit programme in Leeds.

    Buildings & Places
  • Magic Hat Café and Kitchen
    NE England

    Magic Hat Café and Kitchen

    Bringing people together to tackle the food waste problem in the North East.

    Food & Agriculture

The pursuit of greater fairness in society elevates us all, for when one prospers we all prosper.

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    Lines In The Sand

    In late 2023, Kevin Jordan’s dream retirement home by the sea was demolished by the local council. Bought only 14-years prior, it was deemed unsafe and at risk from coastal…