Running Out of Time 2024

Britain’s biggest sporting celebration of local climate action and nature. Thousands of runners, walkers, wheelers and cyclists will relay a baton over 2600km to raise awareness and inspire collective action…

Immersive events

Running Out of Time 2023

June 2023

World’s Biggest Climate Relay

October 2022

Walk To COP26

October 2021

Digital events

Picture This: Great Exhibition

31 mins

Energising Your Community

31 mins

Creating A Coalition

30 mins

Reducing Your Footprint

28 mins

Boosting The Local Economy

32 mins

Carbon Copy and Community Pioneers

1 hour 23 mins

How Communities can Enable the Circular Economy

57 mins

Shining a Light: The Power of Communities

56 mins

From A to B: Carbon Free

1 hour 1 min

Green Recovery: Transform Our Communities With Nature

55 mins

Build Back Better: Accelerating Collaborative Local Climate Action

1 hour