Relay crew member Rohan Date holding the baton with Bill Downie of Streetly Academy and Paralympian Anna Turney.

With Streetly Academy, Child Friendly Cov and the Running Out of Time relay crew.

In this episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, the baton has arrived in the West Midlands, visiting Streetly Academy in Sutton Coldfield, before heading into Coventry for a day of activities with children and young people. We meet Headteacher Bill Downie, Matt Clayton who leads the Child Friendly Cov programme at Coventry City Council, and we hear more about the fantastic events of the day from relay crew members Rohan Date and Roisin McDonough. 

Listen to learn how one school achieves the “best-behaved 30 minutes of the week” and to discover who local politicians think ask the toughest questions! 

“If we don’t protect these spaces, our sports are at risk. Our triathlons, our marathons, whatever it may be: that outdoor sport would be at risk as we go forward… Green space is becoming a premium and it shouldn’t be. It should be something that every person has an entitlement to.”  – Bill Downie, Streetly Academy 

“We’re really hopeful that it will be a real memorable thing for (the children), and help them promote their views on climate, but also obviously then have an impact on their families as well”  – Matt Clayton, Child Friendly Cov 

Show Notes 

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