Cover of the book Civic Revolution, now available as a mini audiobook in a three part climate podcast.

Mini series from Carbon Copy’s climate change podcast.

Listen to the trailer for Civic Revolution, a mini series on planetary boundaries, social tipping points and civic power, adapted from the original book. In three short episodes this climate change podcast will take you through a journey of jeopardy, opportunity and connection, finding the clues that point us towards a better future.

Episode 1: Jeopardy

For the rest of the year, we live on the resources of future generations instead, depleting more than our fair share of natural resources and putting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The new narrative of hope, and of living within our means, has its roots – perhaps surprisingly – in the places where we live. How we live together in our neighbourhoods and towns is every bit as important to the environment as the natural habitats we wish to protect.

Episode 2: Opportunity

“All around us, shifts are taking place that indicate the way we live currently is already turning into history. There are many exciting new technologies that will catalyse this change, but the story of our time is not one of technology disruption but of behaviour disruption. The next revolution will be neither agricultural nor industrial, but civic. In other words, one that is placed-based where we, and those around us, are the ones who make things happen.

Episode 3: Connection

“The good news is that most of the solutions already exist. To quote William Gibson, ‘The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.’ It’s up to us, together where we live, to copy what’s working. This collective effort goes further, because it unites communities as both the beneficiaries and the guardians of shared resources. Actions like the ones we have explored in this episode embed people both in their natural environment and in the lives of others, to the benefit of everyone involved.”

“Four years ago, I wrote Civic Revolution – a book about the clash between our culture and wellbeing, and the power of community to resolve this conflict. Since then, we have been through a global pandemic; been enraged by social injustice; and suffered the ongoing devastation of climate breakdown. Now, in this three-part audiobook, I’m telling an updated short story – about learning from history, mending the broken link between people and places, and finding hope through action. Please join me for this climate change podcast that takes us from our current predicament, to clues from the past that shape our future, to a new perspective that connects people in ways that have real purpose and impact.” Ric Casale, co-Founder of Carbon Copy.

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