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Bigger Than All Of Us

A group shot of diverse people inside a large room, sitting in rows looking at the camera.

Learning about the ongoing impact of the People’s Plan For Nature, from those involved with its creation.

Nature connects us all, so its decline and destruction should be a concern for us all. In 2023 WWF, RSPB and National Trust published the People’s Plan for Nature, a document written in collaboration with a citizen’s assembly of 103 members representative of the British public, and with input from thousands more people across the UK.  

In this episode, released almost exactly a year after the People’s Plan for Nature was published, we speak to WWF’s Head of Community Engagement Campaigns, Kat Machin, about the thinking beind this unique collaboration, and meet five members of The People’s Assembly for Nature, as they are known, to hear how participating has impacted them and their lives.  

Listen to Bigger Than All Of Us to discover how nature, and a desire to protect the natural environment here in the UK, has brought our guests together and created bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Show Notes 

Find out more about actions you can take locally to support nature and wildlife, check out ideas via Carbon Copy here: https://carboncopy.eco/community 

Explore initiatives shared with Carbon Copy that relate to protecting and restoring nature: https://carboncopy.eco/action-area/nature 

Learn more about what the People’s Assembly members did to and how this led to the published plan: https://peoplesplanfornature.org/peoples-assembly-nature 

Find out more about the coverage of the plan, and events that have taken place since the it was published: https://peoplesplanfornature.org/news  

Learn about Involve, the organisation that led the meetings and compiled the findings into the final plan: https://involve.org.uk/our-work/our-projects/building-public-mandate-peoples-plan-nature

Read about the Innovation Festival that Peter participated in: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/nwg-innovation-festival

Learn about The Big One, the event that Rebecca spoke at: https://extinctionrebellion.uk/the-big-one/  

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