Salty Seabirds members stand on Brighton Beach in swimwear, some are wearing swimming caps and some have towels round them. They are holding a banner that reads: Listen to our planet, we are running out of time for climate change. The sky is grey and cloudy.

With Jo McCartney of Salty Seabirds and Cottesmore St Mary Primary School, and Lizzie Gimblett of Pupils Profit

In the penultimate episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special, the climate relay has reached the vibrant seaside city of Brighton. We meet Jo McCartney, member of the cold-water swimming group the Salty Seabirds, and teacher at Cottesmore St Mary Roman Catholic Primary School in Hove. Jo tells us how the Seabirds help to engage more people with swimming and with protecting the sea, and how environmental education is prioritised and celebrated at the school. We also hear from Lizzie Gimblett, Founder of social enterprise Pupils Profit, which is helping children to reduce waste and learn green business schools through its innovative school-based refill shop scheme. 

Listen to feel inspired and motivated by the energy and enthusiasm of these eco-leaders. 

Show Notes 

Find out more about what’s happening across Brighton and Hove for climate and nature, here:   

Learn more about Pupils Profit: 

Learn more about Leave No Trace Brighton: 

Read more about the Salty Seabirds:  

Read about Take 3 For The Sea:  

Read about the Eco curriculum at the school that Jo teaches at: 

Join in with the finale of Running Out of Time! 

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