A group of young people at Lochaber High School in Scotland holding banners that say Running Out of Time. One young man holds up a relay baton, and two young people in the foreground are holding bagpipes.

The Green Runners, GoodGym, Lochaber Environmental Group and Vegan Runners UK, on day one of the Running Out of Time climate relay. 

In this extended first episode of the Running Out of Time special series, we meet leaders of three of the climate relay’s lead partner organisations: David Starley, co-founder of The Green Runners, Ivo Gormley, founder and CEO of GoodGym and Damian Luscombe of Vegan Runners UK, and learn more about why they are supporting this extraordinary event. 

We also chat to team members from Lochaber Environmental Group and the Highlands & Islands Climate Hub, and to the relay support crew as they finish their first leg of the event!

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“…What ​I ​love ​about ​the ​relay, ​is ​it’s ​just ​such ​an ​easy ​way ​in, using ​sport ​as ​this ​platform ​for ​change.” – David Starley, The Green Runners

“I ​think ​it’s ​incredibly ​important ​to ​support ​the ​relay ​because ​anything ​we ​can ​do ​to ​raise ​awareness ​of ​the ​climate ​crisis, ​and ​also ​to ​do ​that ​through ​active ​travel, ​through ​running, ​cycling, ​walking, ​which ​are ​all ​fantastic, ​sustainable ​alternatives ​to ​fossil ​fuel ​powered ​transport, ​is ​a ​cause ​that ​we ​care ​passionately ​about.” – Ivo Gormley, GoodGym

Show Notes 

Find out more about what’s happening across Highland for climate and nature, here: www.carboncopy.eco/local-climate-action/highland   

Find out more about Lochaber Environmental Group’s Active Transport Library: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/active-transport-library 

Find out more about The Green Runners: https://thegreenrunners.com/ 

Find out more about GoodGym: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives/goodgym 

Find out more about Vegan Runners UK: https://www.veganrunners.org.uk/ 

Sign up for a leg of the relay: https://running-out-of-time.com/route/

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