We are for local climate action.

Be one of the first to share your success and inspire others by your example. We are just getting started and are promoting local, low-carbon initiatives so they multiply.

Where do you go to find success stories?

Welcome to Carbon Copy, a hub that connects organisations and local groups across the UK who share the goal of a carbon zero future. We don't have all the answers but can help things move faster, by sharing low-carbon initiatives and working collaboratively.

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Be one of the first. Share your low-carbon initiative and inspire others locally by your example.

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What kinds of actions can you take?


Connect: you avoid, shift or improve your means of transport. Make the leap.


Integrate: you make nature part of healthy living and a more resilient built environment. Work with nature.

Land Use

Restore: you change and rebalance land use by shifting current demands and practices. Be grounded.



Empower: you switch to renewables for limitless clean energy. Be energised.


Conserve: you design, build and live in places in ways that consume, waste and pollute less. Build something better.

Circular Economy

Keep: You switch to making resources more productive to make the economy grow. Be resourceful.

These topics are a way of organising people’s initiatives, inspired by existing frameworks and current thinking on climate mitigation and adaptation.

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