Participants of the Running Out of Time climate relay including co-founder Dan Thompson and school children in Bradford on Avon.

With Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and Running On Plants.

This episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special comes from the town of Bradford on Avon, in Wiltshire. Carbon Copy’s Head of Social Media, Yasmin Redfern, and Trustee Andy Knott, joined the relay crew and participants for a sustainable fashion-themed event to celebrate the baton’s arrival in the town, organised by Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon. We hear about Climate Friendly BoA from member Rowena Quantrill, and about the local Town Council environment committee and repair cafe from more enthusiastic residents. We also speak to relay participant and vegan runner Laura Briggs about her involvement with the Running On Plants campaign. 

Listen to discover the fantastic energy and enthusiasm for climate action in this vibrant Wiltshire town.

“I think it’s about opening those dialogues and having conversations about people who are participating in your sports. Not everybody wants free t-shirts. Not everybody wants free bottles of water. Just really being mindful about the little changes that you can make that will improve our environment…  

“The climate crisis is upon us now. We’re running out of time, quite literally. And we need to do something about it now.”

– Laura Briggs, Running on Plants 

Show Notes 

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