Lorna Malkin, of Castleford Heritage Trust and Adam Savage of Wakefield Council, standing in front of Queen's Mill in Castleford.

With Adam Savage of Wakefield Council, and Lorna Malkin of Castleford Heritage Trust.

This episode of the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time Special we’re in Castleford, in the borough of Wakefield. We meet Adam Savage, Climate Change Project Manager at Wakefield Council, and Lorna Malkin, CEO of Castleford Heritage Trust, which owns Queen’s Mill, a fantastic heritage building and community hub in the town. 

Listen to hear more about the sustainability initiatives at the mill and across the borough of Wakefield. 

“When the mill closed down in 2011, people were saying to us, ‘oh, you’ve got to save the mill. We don’t want it to be demolished. We don’t want it to be turned into apartments. You’ve got to save the mill.’ It’s one of the few heritage buildings in the town.  

“Castleford has got this huge history, but there’s not much of it in the town left to see. So it was really important to save it as a building, but also then to make it work for the community, to have it as a resource for the community.  

“We have thousands of people visiting here. It has become very much a part of the life of the town and across generations from cradle to grave.”

– Lorna Malkin, CEO Castleford Heritage Trust 

Show Notes 

Find out more about what’s happening across Wakefield for climate and nature, here: www.carboncopy.eco/local-climate-action/wakefield   

Discover more local climate action stories on Carbon Copy: https://carboncopy.eco/initiatives  

Find out about Queen’s Mill and Castleford Heritage Trust: https://www.castlefordheritagetrust.org.uk/ 

Read about Adam’s refill store: https://www.growrefillstore.com/  

Learn about Wakefield Council’s regeneration projects: https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/regeneration 

Sign up for a leg of Running Out of Time: https://running-out-of-time.com/route/ 

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