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TreOffice is reducing power consumption and minimising waste in the office equipment sector.

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TreOffice's story

TreOffice aims to leave an authentic legacy way beyond printers. We believe that we can educate organisations to see that laser printers are as bad for the environment as diesel engines. When compared with the sustainable technology available today, we see inkjet printers vs. laser as we would electric cars vs. diesel.

There are over 91 million devices in use around the world today. Replacing just 1000 laser printers would reduce the world's CO2 output by 300 tonnes. Imagine the impact we could have on environmental targets if everyone made the switch.

Sustainability is embedded within our business, and we regularly collaborate with other Planet Mark members on joint social responsibility projects, meetings, and events. We also work with each of our clients to inform and educate them on the environmental impact they have. We believe this approach has significantly changed mindsets and encouraged ways of working that support a sustainable world.

TreOffice has always been involved in social responsibility projects, but we have now increased this by 30%. Every client engagement and visit we carry out is offset by donations to one of the 22 projects we partner with. We pride ourselves in supporting organisations and charities that help vulnerable children and the environment at the same time.

We continually look at our environmental impact, even down to our choice of staff members and partners. We would not employ or work with anyone or any company that is not like-minded. Every person involved in TreOffice has made small personal changes that reduce their environmental impact, from changing their utility provider to reducing their personal use of single plastics.

All our suppliers have produced environmental goals, governance, and targets, and they understand that we will only use their most sustainable products. We are keen to work with businesses that have considered their delivery and installation processes to reduce transit.

All of our clients receive a quarterly report demonstrating our environmental savings. We also pair each client with one of our social responsibility projects. We contribute to that project on our client's behalf every time we visit the client onsite, including donating equipment and organising events such as beach cleans, tree planting, and restoration projects. This increases social awareness among our client base and makes people more likely to help the community.

Useful learnings from TreOffice

Start local – We recommend looking out at your local community. Schools and other organisations are always looking for help with environmental projects.

Focus on collaboration – We found that partnerships are also beneficial. The hardest thing is finding the projects to help, but now we have these in place, it works very well. With www.tre2u, we have 22 projects worldwide that we and our partners support. We also work with Planet Mark members on joint projects. Recently, we worked with Whiting Landscape, to support an inner-city school project in the West Midlands that focused on a hands-on approach to teaching children about their environment.

TreOffice's metrics

We have reduced our client's printer CO2 output by 75%.
In 2021, we reduced our client's CO2 usage by 20 tonnes.

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