GM Business Green Scene

Business Green Scene has been set up for any worker or professional who is motivated to create environmental change to connect with like-minded businesspeople in Greater Manchester.

Our story

When I arrived in Greater Manchester, I tried to find a business network that would allow me to meet businesspersons with similar ambitions to mine - to make their organisation a leader in sustainability. A network that facilitates collaboration with local organisations and industries that are motivated by the green transition.

However, there was no business network that:
- held free, regular events.
- allowed any employee to join, from Apprentice to Director.
- accepted any organisation, big or small, from any industry and any sector.
- focused on all areas of environmental sustainability, not just carbon.
- motivated like-minded employees and business owners into action, while introducing local experts to help guide their journey.

Fortunately, I worked for an organisation with 225 years’ experience of business collaboration within Greater Manchester. I was able to set up the GM Business Green Scene to help business owners and employees collaborate towards a more sustainable Greater Manchester.

The best thing is, we're able to do this for free.

Our advice

Before you start, understand what your business' strengths are and how they can facilitate your goals. While planning the initiative, constantly keep note of individuals and organisations that you can collaborate with. This means when you launch, you can reengage with people who can promote you within their networks. Collaboration is key.

Our metrics

- Number of participants in the network
- Number of free events held
- Number of attendees at events
- Number of partner collaborations undertaken
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