Power Up North London

Community • Camden, Haringey, Islington

Power Up North London is a pioneering community energy organisation working across multiple London boroughs; building community resilience and empowering local residents to play a part in reducing carbon emissions.

  • Team members installing photovoltaic panels.
  • Participants in the Community Energy Winter Support project.

Our Story

Power Up North London (PUNL) emerged from the transition town movement in Highgate and Kentish Town.  A grassroots organisation, we believe in the power of communities to support the transition to net zero.  We deliver a range of community energy projects, with a particular focus on solar PV, and we are working closely with Islington and Camden borough councils to support their net zero plans. We have a dedicated group of volunteers many of whom are renewables specialists and who enable our work to be delivered.

With our solar projects we identify the renewable energy opportunity, undertake the feasibility work and if the project is viable, raise the capital funding and deliver all stages through to installation of the panels.  We have also commissioned a number of decarbonisation studies and delivered a retrofit project at a community centre culminating in the installation of new windows, a 50kW air source heat pump and mechanical ventilation systems.  We see more such opportunities emerging in the next few years. 

We also work with local community organisations to deliver fuel poverty workshops and 1-to-1 energy advice to local people on domestic energy saving, lowering energy bills and accessing discounts and services.

Our Advice

Power Up North London’s (PUNL’s) local links have been critical in building our base of community investors and community projects.  Strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with local councils have also been vital in delivering our work. PUNL helps Camden and Islington Councils meet the community goals set out in their climate action plans, and in turn, the councils are helping PUNL by identifying and connecting them with suitable sites to develop renewable energy projects. The Councils’ carbon offset funds and CIL funding have been essential for the viability of some projects.

PUNL delivers its solutions working in partnership with community groups, academic institutions and local businesses. These organisations bring valuable resources in the form of pro bono technical advice, volunteers, space for events and potentially funding as well.  PUNL is also a member of Community Energy London and Community Energy England and through these forums works closely with other community energy groups to share insights and expertise.

PUNL is significantly reliant on volunteers and grant funding to deliver its work. The volunteers bring multiple skills, for instance, in strategy and business management, financial planning and data analysis, engineering and communications.  The grants pay for capital funding and technical advice.  The challenge of a largely volunteer-managed, grant-funded model is that projects cannot be fast paced and this is a frustration that needs to be managed.

Our Metrics

  • Number of live solar projects - 10
  • Amount of generation installed – 396kWp
  • Tonnes of carbon emissions saved - cumulatively to 2023, 271 tonnes.
  • Solar PV pipeline
  • Innovative projects e.g. waste heat recovery
  • Amount of money raised from share offers
  • Number of local investors
  • Amount of money raised from grants

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