Wise Energy

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Installing low carbon technologies to domestic properties to improve building efficiency and reduce emissions.

  • Helping you help the country get to net zero.
  • We install a wide range of home efficiency improvements.
  • Heat pumps offer warm homes

Wise Energy's story

At Wise Energy, we have been installing energy efficiency upgrades across Lancashire since 2015, with a particular focus on alleviating fuel poverty. Having installed over 20,000 energy efficiency measures, and assisted with funding for thousands more, we have developed a broad expertise in domestic energy efficiency.

Our 'fabric first approach' aims to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions in people's homes in the most cost effective manner. Aiming to improve the insulation of people's homes before any heating upgrades, to ensure that maximum benefit from any new heating system can be obtained.

Along with our insulation accreditations, we have been accredited to install Air Source Heat Pumps since 2017. As an experienced installer of Loft, Cavity and Internal Wall Insulation as well as renewable heating systems, we are uniquely placed to offer a one-stop shop for the 'whole house' solution.

Our knowledge in building fabric gives us invaluable insight in understanding accurate design for air source heat pumps. We have already installed heat pumps in all manner of homes from semi-detached, large detached homes and terraced homes, demonstrating that most homes can have a suitable renewable heating solution with the right design and a tailored approach.

Looking ahead to the future, air source heat pumps will form the backbone of British domestic heat generation as we move to reduce carbon emissions and end our dependence on fossil fuels. We will shortly be offering solar PV, EV Charging and Battery systems to offer a full microgeneration and renewable heating solution.

Useful learnings from Wise Energy

In our work we always complete a thorough whole-house assessment before recommending energy efficiency upgrades to ensure the most cost-effective long-term improvements are made first, and within budget.

We start with the insulation when trying to reduce energy bills. It is usually the cheapest way to make rapid and significant reductions in fuel bills and emissions.

It is essential to always consider the ventilation. As levels of insulation improve, it is critical that the inside of the house is allowed to breathe. To ensure we always consider the entire property's needs our assessments account for adequacy of ventilation, and include recommendations to improving it where necessary.

With the property sufficiently insulated, we next aim to install a renewable heat source, where possible, within the constraints of the budget and the properties of the house.

Wise Energy's metrics

We have already installed over 20,000 energy efficient measures to homes across the North West, whilst also assisting several thousand more in accessing grants and funding. In total, stopping 502,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

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