Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon

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A community association working with multiple organisations to help the local area become carbon neutral by 2030.

CFB's story

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon was launched in 2006 under the auspices of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in response to the increasing evidence of climate change and with the aim that people could do something about it at a local level.

Over time and with increasing support from enthusiastic locals, specific Action Groups have been set up to address sustainable travel, biodiversity, community involvement, energy, sustainable food and zero waste. A newly formed Neighbourhood Planning group was also set up this year to support neighbourhood efforts for Bradford on Avon to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Across these Action Groups, the aim is two-fold: to raise awareness among all sections of the town and community area’s population about climate change and the importance of reducing local carbon emissions and living more sustainably; and to support members, the county, town and parish councils, local organisations and the wider population in their ongoing efforts to tackle the climate and associated biodiversity crises.

To hear more about Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, listen to the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special episode featuring this initiative.

Useful learnings from CFB

Mutual support. CFB regularly engages with Bradford on Avon Town Council, Wiltshire Council, local businesses and others in the community to achieve shared objectives.

Boosting impact. CFB belongs to The Climate Coalition, are a member of the Wiltshire Climate Alliance, and are signed up to the campaign with 10:10 who are now called We are Possible; all helping to amplify CFB’s impact locally with additional programmes and resources. 

Enthuse people. CFB promotes a range of activities that not only inform but also energise members and the wider population, making it more fun and appealing for people to join in.

Practical action. CFB are seeking for Bradford on Avon to become carbon neutral by 2030 and, in recognition of the urgency of the climate emergency, are focused on implementation and steps that can be taken together now.

CFB's metrics

Each Action Group has its own, specific goals. However, they all share three broad metrics: to raise awareness of climate change and how it can be addressed locally; to reduce carbon emissions and/or biodiversity loss; and to promote a greener way of life.

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