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Urban-Air Port Ltd is designing and developing the 'world's smallest airport', to be showcased at Coventry's Transport Innovation Showcase.

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Our story

The City Council will benefit through the ability to link the project to City of Culture 2021 and the Transport Innovation Showcase, the opportunity to showcase the city and its vibrant transport technology industrial base to potential inward investors, and to market the city as a place to do business.

By bringing the Air-One technology to Coventry, the city will be host to a demonstration of a global first that will demonstrate: the technical and operational feasibility of dynamic electric vertical take-off and landing; (EVTOL) logistics, air-taxi services and disaster emergency management and security scenarios; the portability, flexibility, sustainability, capacity capabilities and decarbonisation contributions of Air-One; a holistic, ultra-compact, vehicle-agnostic transport infrastructure solution with modular areas covering passenger/cargo terminal and disaster emergency management and security needs, with inbuilt electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) maintenance, recharging command and control requirements.

Urban Air Port One Limited is a consortium bringing the Air One project forward as part of the Innovate UK Future-Flight-Challenge. The consortium is led by leading British designers and the partners include Malloy Aeronautics, National Transport Design Centre, Coventry University, Tritium, Hyundai-Air-Mobility and Ove Arup. The technology behind the project has the potential to be a game-changer in the promotion of green mobility, such as providing a freight and logistics hub that can be located in urban areas and provide local "last-mile" distribution using smaller electric vehicles, drones, or other autonomous means.

The programme has already attracted potential customers from abroad highlighting the UK's UAM export potential and investment from globally recognised partners Hyundai Motor-Group. By demonstrating the facility at a site within Coventry, these customers will visit the city giving the opportunity to showcase the city to potential inward investors.

Air-One could be the foundation of a UK Urban-Air-Mobility (UAM) "Centre-of-Excellence" where industry can converge to test ideas, technologies, new vehicles, and operational concepts on an on-going basis, presenting immense value for money for the UK taxpayer, improving connectivity, boosting productivity and ultimately transforming cities and helping to build back better.

For Coventry City of Culture 2021, Air-One will demonstrate a vision of future UAM throughout the year, possibly as a pop-up innovation venue linked to the Transport Innovation Showcase.

Our advice

We are working closely with first responders and emergency services. As part of the Air One event, we will be demonstrating the application of police drones with West Midlands Police.

Urban-Air Port is the primary micro-airport infrastructure-as-a-Service provider you can rely on in disaster, civil emergency, and security operations. We support critical disaster, emergency management and security missions with our ground-breaking, rapidly deployable multiple EVTOL airport infrastructure. Our micro-airports support zero carbon, off-grid, rapid deployment solutions for emergency, security, humanitarian, and disaster relief operations.

Traditional airports require expensive runways, mains connections, and fixed infrastructure costs, but Urban-Air Ports allow for increased autonomous movement of critical supplies, equipment, and people into and out of operational frontiers.

Our scalable Air One, Terra One, and Marine One EVTOL infrastructure can be positioned as Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate with traditional multimodal logistical supply lines. We support land, rooftop and seaborne operations and our infrastructure supports a wide array of manned and unmanned drone ecosystems. Urban-Air Ports can be assembled as key backup options where traditional airports and seaports have sustained damage or other critical infrastructure has been compromised. Our pre-certified and ready-to-deploy Urban-Air Ports can be ordered and stored on retainer, discretely across city locations in close proximity to areas known for attack compromise and when required can be rapidly deployed relocated or repositioned with ease as your operational needs grow and change.

Our mission is to remove the largest single constraint to sustainable air mobility; to significantly cut congestion and air pollution from passenger and cargo transport; to create a zero-emission mobility ecosystem through the utilisation of the best design, technology and manufacturing; and to deliver fully connected iconic architecture that is modular, scalable, reusable and flat-packed and incorporates autonomous systems and renewables.

Our metrics

Carbon savings from passenger and cargo transport.

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