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Promoting safe and accessible cycling for more local residents in Worcester, working with the council and other partners.

Bike Worcester's story

Bike Worcester is a group of volunteers who use bikes and promote safe and accessible cycling in Worcester to as many residents as possible. They have very good knowledge of the local infrastructure in and around the city, which they use in various ways – from recommending physical improvements to mapping child-friendly ‘Bike Bus’ routes – to make cycling a preferred mode of transportation and promote healthier lifestyles.

The community group collaborates with key stakeholders including West Mercia Police, Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council. For example, Bike Worcester volunteers measure the physical barriers on shared paths across the city as part of an ongoing Sustrans campaign to make active travel (including cycling) more accessible. Many of these barriers are unsuitable for non-standard cycles and wheelchairs and Bike Worcester is working with WCC to make cycling a more attractive option. In another collaborative initiative, Bike Worcester volunteers have invested thousands of hours locating and categorising walking and cycling paths in the city of Worcester.

The Bike Worcester group supports popular ‘Bike Bus’ routes that encourage primary-school children to cycle to school (with marshals and other adults riding in formation to make sure children on the Bike Bus are kept safe from vehicles) as well as championing more inclusive cycling in Worcester that reflects the wider population of residents.

In partnership with the local Crowngate Centre, volunteers from Bike Worcester also refurbish bikes and make them available to people who want a more healthy, sustainable and affordable way to get to work, school or around town.

To hear more about Bike Worcester, listen to the Carbon Copy Podcast Running Out of Time special episode featuring this initiative.

Useful learnings from Bike Worcester

Bike Buses are a great way of reducing car traffic during school runs and giving families the experience of cycling together. At the same time, they can improve children’s on-road cycling proficiency with the safety of being directed by adults and surrounded by other children cycling. Flags, vests and banners are used to publicise Bike Buses along the journey, and sharing routes and Bike Bus information with schools and parents helps maintain the enthusiasm and increase interest over time.

There is a large gender inequality when it comes to cycling, reflected in a national Sustrans report that found 50% fewer women than men cycled twice a week or more. Research this year by Bike Worcester identified five common challenges faced by women locally in choosing whether to cycle: driver behaviour, poor infrastructure, safety concerns, technical knowledge and clothing and equipment. The first three are not within the control of individuals and require community groups and local authorities to work together more closely to give residents the choice of travelling by bike.

Bike Worcester's metrics

The number of amazing volunteers who help run the various programmes. The increasing numbers of residents, young and old, who choose to cycle around the city.

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