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Reducing emissions and delivering energy savings for private and public sector companies.

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KAST's story

KAST is a renewable energy technologies group based in Stockport. The company is independent from the power generation companies which helps ensure that they can offer objective advice and competitive pricing for their services. They work with different customers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors, to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints.

Depending on the needs, KAST's services range from producing feasibility studies to creating energy reduction plans to project management and technology installation.

The opportunity for customers is to maximise the potential savings on the running costs of both new and refurbished properties, by adopting suitable, complementary energy technologies. With help from KAST, this can be done by installing one or more energy-related technologies, that generate renewable energy on site (solar panels, air source heat pumps); increase energy usage efficiency (energy monitoring, voltage optimisation, destratification, LED lighting); store locally produced energy; or charge electric vehicles on site.

KAST's advice

"As a project-managed installation company consultancy, getting the message across to the right people to make the informed decisions has definitely been our biggest challenge. The past few years have been better, with more awareness and more education. And we just keep doing the same: educate, educate, educate!"
Kes Scott

KAST's metrics

Customers' emissions reductions and energy savings.
Increased financial returns to customers.
Deployment of proven and emerging energy-reducing technologies.

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Response to climate crisis

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Updated Feb, 2024

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