Fylde Resilience Community Project

Third Sector • Blackpool, Wyre

P2P networking platform that helps connect third sector organisations and activists, local SMEs and private sector entities, to work together more effectively in delivering the local Climate Action Plan.

  • Photo from launch event. Copyright Fylde Coast Resilience.
  • Photo from launch event. Copyright Fylde Coast Resilience.

Our story

I'm a professional business networker, now semi-retired and horrified at the general level of ignorance and lack of concern about the climate polycrises we're sleepwalking into. So how to deploy my networking expertise to make a difference when it comes to local adaptation and mitigation at a manageable scale?

'Business as usual' continues to exclude many economically and socially disadvantaged residents in the Fylde Coast communities, so we started a P2P networking platform for third sector activists in the Fylde, Wyre and Blackpool boroughs to collectively address some of the issues.

We started in October 2022, with a program of open access bi-weekly network meetings to serve as a meeting point and hub to engender community focused, cross-agency collaboration to initiate an alternative, ground-up regional ecosystem to grow and thrive in a new ecologically sustainable business system paradigm.

Fylde Resilience Networking is the foundation venture of Fylde Coast Resilience Community Project, with the central objective of helping to raise the profile of the diverse Third Sector agencies currently active in the region.

Participation in our networking activities is open to everyone, but is especially intended for:
- Third sector, nonprofit and voluntary professionals and activists;
- SME's, startups, sole business operators and employees with ambitions to transition into independent economic activity;
- Private sector entities with a vested interest in driving and supporting a region-wide sustainable business policy.

And now with a progressive, climate aware Blackpool Borough Council on our doorstep, we have the networking infrastructure and connections to spread awareness across the Borough (and neighbouring Fylde and Wyre boroughs) and the local community support to get involved with the council in delivering the Climate Action Plan.

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fylde-resilience-community-project/

Our advice

Leverage the power of a network and networking to spread awareness, provide a focal point, discover and promote leaders and filter the activists from the time wasters.

Our metrics

Attendance at weekly network meet-ups (Wednesday lunchtime / Thursday morning online).
Referrals, introductions and collaborations reviewed and supported (free to access business/marketing consultancy).
Creation of new CICs.
About to launch de-growth economics adult education courses; Fourth bi-monthly cross sector showcase event in partnership with Social Enterprise Solutions scheduled for 10th May 2023.

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