Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK)

Supporting students and wider society to learn about, act and lead on sustainability.

2,500 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Est. number of people
who benefit directly

Our story

SOS-UK is an education charity created by the student movement in 2019 in response to the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

We're proud to be members of SOS-International, joining student-led and student-focused organisations around the world to form a coordinated effort aiming to amplify the voices of students and influence global systemic change for sustainability.

We know environmental sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation, so our work spans across issues of justice and wellbeing as well.

We believe in lifelong learning and work on sustainability across all forms of education from early years to workplace learning. We act as a support crew - facilitating, encouraging and mentoring people wherever they are on their path to sustainability.

We see the power and potential in students and young people to be at the forefront of change. We work alongside them as equal partners in their sustainability leadership journeys.

Through our work we want to see more students leading on, and learning for, sustainability. ‍When students lead on sustainability they develop the knowledge, values, skills, and competencies required to make them great sustainability leaders. We don’t just want organisations to do sustainability for students; it should be done by, with, and through students.

We also need an education system repurposed around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. ‍Sustainability should be woven through every subject like a golden thread. Every student should be a sustainability student. The education system should serve as a force for good in response to the challenges society faces.

Sustainability needs to be more inclusive, so it is for everyone. ‍Research has shown that the sustainability sector in the UK is unrepresentative when it comes to racial and other social and political identities. The negative impacts of sustainability inaction disproportionately affect these underrepresented groups, both globally and here in the UK. The sector must represent these voices.

Our advice

We need to listen to and be lead by youth and those most affected by the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Our metrics

We work across the UK, carrying out specialist research into sustainability and social responsibility focused on the education sector. Each of our projects and campaigns is monitored and evaluated as appropriate. Surveys are often used with participants to measure behaviour change, carbon emissions, and broader sustainability impacts, including wellbeing.
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