Electric Classic Cars

Reducing waste and carbon emissions by converting classic cars to electric.

Electric Classic Cars' story

Electric Classic Cars take classic vehicles in the later stages of their useful life and gives them a second life by melding them with an electric vehicle, like a Tesla, that's been involved in an accident. Repurposing reusable components from both vehicles allows both to be recycled and reduces overall waste while cutting carbon emissions on our roads. We believe that it’s vital to create a more circular economy by using less and recycling and reusing more.

We convert classic cars dating from the 1950s to the early 1980s, maintaining a classic aesthetic while bringing each vehicle up to date with the latest modern innovations. This keeps cars on the road for longer, while reducing the carbon they produce and decreasing the consumption of new vehicles.

Useful learnings from Electric Classic Cars

Get started and accelerate as fast as you can because a lot is riding on us all making sustainable changes.

Electric Classic Cars' metrics

Reduction in waste to landfill.
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One of the Electric Classic Cars.
One of the Electric Classic Cars.
One of the Electric Classic Cars.