Croydon Climate Action

Croydon Climate Action works on local campaigns relating to climate change, engaging politicians and community members.

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Our story

In 2019, Croydon Climate Action was founded to work on local campaigns relating to climate change.

We are a group of passionate individuals who work with local councils, businesses, schools and communities to ensure the future of Croydon is climate-friendly.

We recently organised the first Croydon's Great Big Green Week in September 2021, which was an exciting week celebrating Croydon's efforts towards a greener and sustainable future!

Earlier in 2022, we focused on the London Mayoral and London Assembly 2021 elections, in which we got two of the main party candidates to take our 10-point Climate Action Plan as a pledge, and organised a public hustings with all four main party candidates.

Our advice

It’s so important to engage with everyone in the community from all backgrounds and keep the momentum going. People will come and go as their lives change but sticking to your core values is key.

Our metrics

How many people we get to attend our events.
Holding the Mayor to account against our climate action pledge he took.
Number of events held during Great Big Green Week.
Number of local politicians engaged.
Funding we raise.
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