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Bracknell Forest Council promotes active travel across the borough through its Bikeability Scheme and Eco Rewards programme, to encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our story

Bracknell Forest active travel scheme works to encourage people across the borough to get out into our natural environment, reduce their emissions and feel better for it!

Bracknell Forest is renowned for its tree cover, and we want to protect this and make the most of it. Taking part in our active travel scheme, for instance through our Bikeability Scheme or Eco Rewards programme allows residents to learn something new and earn rewards, all while reducing their carbon footprint and preserving Bracknell Forests natural environment. In addition to this, part of our initiative includes a series of ranger-led walks, that will hopefully increase interest in walking.

Our advice

The nature of our active travel initiative is varied and wide reaching. Due to this, each sub section is not coordinated under one 'umbrella'. A lesson learnt from this is that organisation and continuation of projects would be better managed through a joint-coordinated approach. Moving forward, we are working to coordinate all parts of the initiative under the 'My Journey' brand.

Another key lesson is that it is essential to engage with a range of stakeholders at every step of the way.

Our metrics

Our overall goal is to encourage uptake of means of active travel, such as walking and cycling. One way to measure this is through the annual pedestrian and cycle counts that take place over the borough.

Attendance at ranger walks can be measured, and follow up impact questions asked, e.g. "Are you more likely to walk more often after taking part in the ranger-led walk?"

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