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Boosting efficiency, remediating pollution and regenerating natural systems using bacterial solutions.

  • Nitrate pollution from agriculture and sewage outflows is a major problem.
  • Stock photo: nitrate pollution can cause the proliferation of toxic algae.

Advanced Bacterial Sciences' story

We are a group of individuals including scientists, ecological experts and entrepreneurs that have been at the forefront of climate neutral research, development, and investment for over 20 years. Coming together as Advanced Bacterial Sciences (ABS) involved the magic of the right people coming together at the right time, all willing to build something new and innovative bringing microbiota solutions to waste and water management.

We understood the existential threat from the combined impact of three interlocking crises - climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. By understanding this situation, realising the opportunity, and responding to a gap in the market we were able to develop a range of highly effective products that target and successfully treat very specific problems.

Our products break down organic waste and absorb inorganic substances with little or no by-products other than water and minimal CO2.

Bacterial solutions have been used for centuries, they are natural, versatile, resilient and can be found everywhere. Water companies rely on bacteria to process tonnes of waste daily. Microbiota are the most prevalent lifeform on our planet and can survive in the most inhospitable of environments. Their sheer number and diversity mean that they are the most ecologically sound, sustainable solution to many of our planetary challenges.

What ABS plans to do is to tap into processes that would occur anyway through the work of bacteria and similar microorganisms, giving us natural alternatives for waste management, in turn reducing our carbon and wider environmental footprint. Our dynamic approach is based on a unique fusion of biology, chemistry and engineering, enabled by rapid advancement at the leading edge of scientific knowledge and application, providing access to profitable markets through next-generation products tailored to specific problems.

Product development is carried out by an in-house interdisciplinary research team, based at the world-leading Centre for Environmental Science at Lancaster University, supported by an international network of scientific collaborators. ABS is distinguished it from its competitors by its advanced, natural science-based approach. The ABS vision is to become a global influencer in the application of microorganism ecology for pollution remediation, plant, animal, human and environmental health.

ABS is achieving that by focusing on increasing the scientific team to 50 scientists by the end of 2022 and by concentrating in research and continuous improvement of novel bacterial formulations for in situ application based on ecological theory, chemical and engineering innovations that can be adapted to the needs of the customers, supporting a service model that will enable ABS to be a trusted partner and collaborator to all its stakeholders. The Global Market Opportunity for ABS has been assessed at greater than $2 trillion.

Useful learnings from Advanced Bacterial Sciences

The potential of microbial solutions to change the world is undeniable, making it an extremely exciting space to be in. Ventures looking to develop products such as ABS bacterial products that can contribute to the circular economy need to have a clear idea, a well-defined plan and adequate funding from committed investors. In order to develop biological solutions long-term investment is required for research as creativity is fuel for continued innovation in this area.

What are goals? What is your purpose? Make decisions based on whether they are aligned with your purpose or will bring your closer to achieving your goals. Naturally we need to respond to changes when necessary but it is important to remain focused on these goals and not become distracted by the inevitable noise of launching a business or developing new products.

You need to understand the challenges that your customers experience. With this information you can identify the need and develop a truly effective product.

Do not underestimate the importance of collaboration. ABS is at the forefront of researching and developing innovative microbiota solutions for waste and water management that will benefit people and the planet. The opportunity is huge however, the pool of experts is still relatively small. To complement our team, we are engaging an international network of scientific collaborators. We will encourage joint ventures with strategic partners so we can accelerate scientific learning to expedite relevant products and solutions. We will actively look for opportunities to work with local authorities, industrial and commercial groups and NGOs as well as with policy makers and the regulators.

It is important to understand what success looks like for your company or initiative. For ABS not only do we want to develop effective products and create lasting value for our shareholders but success for us is channelling natural efficiency and inspiring benign environmental impact. We have developed our business plan and measure our success by how our products support the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Advanced Bacterial Sciences' metrics

Reduction in carbon emissions.
Increased life span of assets and reduced maintenance costs, whilst reducing environmental impact of interventions.

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