361 Energy CIC

Third Sector • North Devon, Torridge

Saving energy in North Devon & Torridge, through free advice services helping with home bills and energy efficiency.

  • Understanding a fair and just transition to a low carbon society.
  • 361 Energy Education Support Program.
  • 361 Climate & Energy Education in Schools.

361 Energy's story

361 Energy CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise. Their focus is on providing energy advice to households and businesses in North Devon and Torridge, including free energy-saving advice to vulnerable households. 361 Energy also has several Retrofit Coordinators who can advise people on suitable ways to upgrade their homes, making them more energy efficient as well as lowering the buildings' carbon emissions.

361 Energy run six different programmes: business decarbonisation by local experts; free home energy advice; improving energy efficiency through domestic retrofit; climate education and awareness; community renewable energy; and community engagement.

Useful learnings from 361 Energy

Providing a wide range of advice and support programmes is more effective in supporting the wider community.

It's easy for people to feel that climate change is too big an issue for them to tackle, and that they need specialist expertise. However, there are lots of simple things that can be done, and it's inspiring to find out how much Town and Parish Councils are already doing.

Building support networks and empowering individuals to work together to take action across many areas is critical to addressing the climate emergency in northern Devon.

361 Energy's metrics

Participation in the programmes offered.
Energy savings, reduction in energy bills.
Local renewable energy and community funds generated.

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North Devon, Torridge

Response to climate crisis

Mitigation & Adaptation




Third Sector, 50 to 249 people

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Updated Feb, 2024

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