Nothing big happens by thinking small

Find the right action for you

Green energy & heating

Increasing control over our energy and insulating our homes cuts bills and emissions at the same time.

Climate resilient places to live

Community involvement in urban development helps build neighbourhoods that work, and protects them from extreme weather.

Affordable sustainable travel

Our willingness to adopt different ways of moving around can make living and access much easier for everyone.

Nature based climate solutions

Letting nature create healthier, more resilient places is literally the most natural thing we can do to capture and lock in carbon.

Farm to fork

Making good food available to everyone is possible, addressing food poverty and insecurity while reducing environmental harm.

Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle

Local, circular economies are good for job creation and community building and use less costly raw materials or imported goods.

Edinburgh Tool Library

Why not join an amazing, one-of-a-kind event that helps raise awareness and supports the amazing work local people are doing, up and down our country, in the name of climate action and to protect nature?

June 2024 • GB