A group of people are working in a sunny field. In the foreground, a woman gathers handfuls of hay. She is wearing short sleeves and sunglasses.

You may have noticed things are looking a bit different around here… As we launch our new and improved online publishing platform, we encourage you to find inspiration and leap into climate action!

We know that climate breakdown is already happening. In just the last few weeks, the UK has been battered by powerful storms and unprecedented rainfall. We also know that around two thirds of Brits are feeling worried about the climate, but that sometimes, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

Our collection of a thousand stories, from community groups, public sector organisations, businesses and councils around the country, covers a huge range of approaches to making a difference. In this leap year, we’re calling for more people in more places to “leap into climate action” and work with others where you live.

To search for an initiative to inspire you, browse our collection in full, or filter by Action Area, Positive Impact or Location.

For example, in Scotland, Lothians Conservation Volunteers have been fighting to protect wildlife and natural habitats for over 50 years. With dozens of participants, and new tasks each week, activities range from planting trees and removing invasive species, to maintaining paths and fences in woods and nature reserves.

In Wales, The Bike Upcycling Project is helping more people switch four wheels for two, by training them in fixing and maintenance skills and rescuing broken bikes from landfill.

In Northern Ireland, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is helping local people reduce their energy bills and fuel consumption through an adviser service called “Safe, Warm and Well”. The service is helping to tackle inequalities across the borough, and helped over 1000 households in its first three years.

In Cornwall, Plant One is a community interest company aiming to help restore the Celtic rainforest. They work by bringing businesses, landowners and individuals together to plant trees in Cornish soil, focusing on native species that are suitable for the specific planting site; and in Liverpool, End Furniture Poverty is a project saving furniture items left in properties by previous tenants, and redistributing them to those who would otherwise struggle to furnish their homes.

Often taking part in a project that has a positive impact on the climate will have lots of benefits for you personally too: helping you to meet new people, saving you money and bringing you joy! There are so many reasons to get involved locally.

Find your inspiration to leap into climate action on Carbon Copy now.

*Woodland Trust / YouGov February 2023

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