Running Out Of Time

People running down the street towards the camera as onlookers applaud from the pavement, the runners are participants in a climate relay held across GB in run up to general election 2024.

People care about the impact of climate change and the harm to nature on their lives and livelihoods. We care deeply and in large numbers. This is true across the country. In the run up to the general election 2024, political candidates from all parties should take note. It’s not something that’s limited to one age group and it’s not party political.

We’re running out of time to stop irreversible changes to climate and nature. Nationally, our rate of progress in addressing these crises is slowing down when it should be speeding up.

From 6 June until 4 July, thousands of people will be joining Britain’s biggest climate relay – ‘Running Out of Time’ – in support of more action for climate and nature. Kicking off at the foot of Ben Nevis, the relay baton will be moved by runners, wheelers, cyclists and other people-powered means, through places in Scotland, England and Wales before reaching Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on polling day of the UK general election 2024.

Carbon Copy has been a lead partner of the climate relay since it was launched in 2022, but this year is the first time the charity will be hosting a podcast special, delving more deeply into some amazing, uplifting stories of collective action and positive impacts, in places up and down the country. This extraordinary event is a fantastic, energetic and hope-filled way to highlight communities, councils, schools and sporting organisations who are taking steps locally and regionally to address the climate and nature crises.

But we also need unwavering leadership at a national level and so we’re taking a message from Scotland to Westminster about how much people, nature and climate change matter to the public. As you will see and hear from the relay route, people across Great Britain are already taking action to tackle climate breakdown and protect nature. It’s time for politicians from all political parties to follow suit and for our political candidates to commit to ambitious action ahead of the UK general election 2024 and during this critical decade for reducing greenhouse gases and regenerating nature.

Everyone can get involved and play their part, between now and polling day on 4 July, by joining a relay stage; by adding your voice for more action; or by following this event and spreading the word.

We have the power, especially when we come together. Now is the time to use it.

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