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Aiming to make Wedmore a Zero Carbon Village by 2030

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Green Wedmore's story

Wedmore village in Somerset has a population of 3,000 and is working towards becoming a zero carbon village. Green Wedmore was established in 2006 as a response to a growing recognition of the rapidly increasing threat posed by the climate emergency. Their aim is to develop and implement initiatives to encourage and facilitate sustainable living in Wedmore and surrounding villages.

Green Wedmore has been following the Zero Carbon Britain project that was the brain child of the Centre of Alternative Technology. In 2018 the village fundraised to produce their own comprehensive and detailed zero carbon report for the village.

In 2019, Wedmore launched its ZC report as an event at the church with and Paul Allen from the Centre of Alternative Technology. From 2019, Wedmore has focused on six main sub groups to help achieve its zero carbon goals: Energy, Food, Transport, Wellbeing, Housing, Carbon and Nature.

Wedmore solar farm has been producing clean energy since 2013 and is a community owned enterprise.

Useful learnings from Green Wedmore

Since 2013 Wedmore Solar Farm has been generating clean energy, with many of the community building also having solar arrays.

When it comes to tackling climate change, everyone needs to play their part, and making small, everyday changes like swapping their energy supplier to a green supply can make a big difference.

Green Wedmore's metrics

Specific metrics are broken down into their respective sub-groups: Energy, Food, Transport, Wellbeing, Housing,Carbon and Nature.

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