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Producing world-leading hydrogen-powered and battery-electric double decker buses in Antrim, as part of a high-potential new 'hydrogen economy'.

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Wrightbus' story

As outlined by William McCaughey, Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, in this video, there is an exciting vision to transform Kilroot Power Station – a large power station for electricity in Northern Ireland – into a next generation 'green hydrogen' hub. On the new site, hydrogen obtained from water using renewable solar and wind power would be used for transport fuel and to meet other energy demands.

As an end-user of hydrogen for its buses, Wrightbus is part of this bigger vision. The company is a zero-emission transport pioneer, having launched the world's first hydrogen-powered double-deck bus, the Hydroliner, in 2020, and producing the world's most efficient battery-electric double decker buses.

Wrightbus has responded to rising demand from different local authority areas across the UK and internationally, shifting its production massively over a few short years from producing diesel-powered buses (previously, 70% of its total fleet) to buses with zero emissions (now 70% of its total fleet). Their hydrogen buses alone have driven 1.5 million miles, saving 2,366 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions compared to the same journeys made by diesel buses.

In changing its focus, the company shows what can be done with smart green investment; producing zero-emission vehicles and creating hundreds of new jobs locally in the growing 'hydrogen economy'.

Useful learnings from Wrightbus

Wrightbus has created over 1000 new jobs in three years, demonstrating the potential for the nascent hydrogen economy to create thousands of jobs in the UK.

Buses and coaches have a crucial role to play in transport achieving net-zero emissions, particularly in congested areas where public transport can be more efficient than private cars for completing journeys.

Next-gen hydrogen buses are an important element in the mix of zero-emissions vehicles needed to decarbonise the transport sector, which is the largest emitting sector in the UK.

Wrightbus' metrics

Sales of zero emissions buses.
Tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved.
Company growth and job creation.

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Positive Impacts

Clean Air More Jobs

Response to climate crisis

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Updated Feb, 2024

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