Viper Innovations

Viper Innovations improves work premises by installing solar film and upgrading air conditioning systems to reduce solar gain and energy use.

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Est. annual reduction in carbon
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who benefit directly

Upgrading air conditioning to reduce energy use.

Our story

by Viper Innovations

Based in Portishead, Viper Innovations is an electrical engineering consultancy that develops products and provides services to infrastructural industries such as subsea and rail. The company has used grant funding to upgrade and split the air conditioning system into two separate circuits with separate controls and outdoor units, resulting in greater control and reduction in demand. Furthermore, solar film has been fitted to the existing windows to reduce solar gain and overheating risk. This in turn reduces demand on the air conditioning and improves staff comfort levels.

The project cost £28,000, and the grant awarded was worth £11,210.

Our advice

The Green Business Grant enabled us to upgrade existing air conditioning systems and install solar film to create a more comfortable working environment and reduce energy use.

Our metrics

Reduction in energy use.
Reduction in CO2 emissions.
Reduction in energy costs.
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