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MSAG has created a multipurpose outdoor community garden in Liverpool L8 that has replaced a local fly tipping hotspot, bringing people together and providing a host of community benefits from better air quality to a new space for socialising.

Our story

In 2021, when I was 14, I set up Mulgrave Street Action Group (MSAG) as a community interest with some help from other people. MSAG is led a group of directors, including myself, and we also benefit from lots of ongoing input from the local community.

The aim of starting MSAG was to reduce fly tipping in my local area by building a community garden on a fly tipping hotspot. After two years of campaigning, some funding from Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund, several public consultations and lots of pushing, UrbanScape was named and launched on the 6th April 2023!

Along the way, we have worked on a plethora of projects, including bringing planters to the postcode, hiring skips for fly tipping management and providing free food-growing plants for people.

UrbanScape is a multipurpose outdoor community garden which provides a place for the community to be mindful, appreciate nature and get outdoors. From this new space, we will be delivering a variety of projects very shortly, which will further increase the value to the community here in L8.

Our advice

Our main challenge was being let down by five different contractors for a variety of reasons including underdelivering, overcharging and being unable to fill out paperwork. This resulted in MSAG taking the reins themselves and project managing. Don't give up!

Another challenge that we overcame was finding funding. This was a struggle for a long period of time until LCR (Liverpool City Region) opened their fund and we successfully won a portion. Having a committed team, a plan and lots of support from the community helped get us over the line with our LCR funding bid.

UrbanScape is something that could be replicated in another area for lots of reasons. It has shown that it has a great positive impact on the community, including increasing socialising, reducing isolation, improving air quality, increasing biodiversity and reducing fly tipping (which was our original aim!).

Our metrics

Increase in local biodiversity
More socialising/reduced isolation in the community
Reduced fly tipping

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