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University of Hull is aiming to be net zero by 2027, have already reduced their carbon emissions by 50%.

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University of Hull's story

The University of Hull is aiming to be net zero by 2027, which is a very ambitious target for a comprehensive university. They have already made good progress and have reduced their carbon emissions by 50% so far.

Campuses are transitioning to be fully powered by renewable energy. There is a small amount of electricity generated on site through PV solar panels on some buildings – Larkin, Aire, Dearne and the Enterprise Centre. Further to this, as part of its commitment to reduce emissions, the university has set up its own energy company - UOH Energy Co Limited - and is proposing the construction of a number of new solar farms, totalling 18 megawatt (MW), at various sites around Cottingham, including on the University of Hull campus/Inglemire Lane, Hull Road and Snuff Mill Lane. These are a combination of ground and rooftop arrays.

Efficiency measures throughout the university campus have been implemented, including a phased replacement of old inefficient gas boilers, replacement of old inefficient fluorescent lighting with more efficient LED lighting as well as the installation of movement sensors, a trial Introduction of an air conditioning optimisation device across campus, which has achieved a 25% energy reduction. To reduce the loss of heat old inefficient windows have been replaced or upgraded, and heating pipes have been insulated. There has also been a phased rollout of a Building Management System enabling the monitoring and control of heating, air conditioning and lighting across campus, as well as have improved sensors and zonal controls so we can reduce energy usage in parts of the campus that are under-utilised.

Staff and students are being encouraged to think about more sustainable travel options, with the introduction of a Liftshare scheme as well as a new travel provider who is improving carbon reporting to help monitor and reduce carbon emissions. They have installed 5 Electric Vehicle Charging Points on campus, and have introduced electric vans and tools within the University's support services fleet, which replace older petrol and diesel equivalents.

In addition to energy-related steps, the university has also been working to improve its waste management systems, with no waste from the university going to landfill: anything that can be recycled, is, and anything that can't be is converted to energy. There has been a significant reduction in the use of single-use plastics, and the university has signed up to #MyPlasticPledge to help engage staff and students with this journey.

Useful learnings from the University of Hull

Move quickly now and get the easier steps ticked off to be able to focus on the bigger issues.

Embed environmental and climate action into teaching. University of Hull engineering students have been involved in cutting-edge work helping develop alternatives to oil-based plastics with the aim of reducing plastic waste consumption and protect our planet, and Biology students are offsetting environmental impact by contributing over 2000 person hours a year of voluntary conservation work for local environmental organisations as part of their degree.

University of Hull's metrics

Measuring carbon footprint to achieve net zero by 2027.

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