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The University of Greenwich is taking proactive measures to reduce carbon output, improve sustainability, and share climate change education.

Our story

by University of Greenwich

Sustainability is in the DNA of our university. We are committed to reaching zero-carbon by 2030 and are working proactively to become more sustainable across every part of our institution. We are lucky that our university is home to lots of intelligent people and we invite students and staff to actively participate in solution finding to help us to meet this ambitious target.

We are proud to be one of only three universities in the UK to offer a climate change degree and we are excited about helping to shape the next generation of climate experts. We are also working to secure an electric fleet for travel between accommodation and campus as well as providing carbon literacy training to give students a better understanding of the terminology and impact of climate change.

The University of Greenwich has maintained a 'First Class' Award in the People & Planet's University Green League since 2012 and our Estates & Facilities Directorate operates with ISO14001 (Environmental Management) accreditation. We are also active members of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges and the London Universities Environment Group.

Working with Planet Mark has helped us to better understand our carbon footprint and develop new solutions. Being part of their Zero Carbon tour is also helping to make a bold statement on climate change and draw attention to the cause. We have a long way to go and there will definitely be bumps in the road, but we need to move forward together.

Our advice

It’s not going to be easy and everyone needs to be up for the challenge. We’ve got no choice but to move forward, so let’s do it. 

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Measuring our carbon footprint.
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