ThermaFy Group uses thermal imaging technology and heat loss surveys to improve home energy efficiency, lowering energy usage and helping to tackle rising bills.

ThemaFy's story

ThermaFy is a Scottish software firm that specialises in thermal imaging to improve home energy efficiency. Around one fifth of the UK’s total carbon emissions comes from our homes and yet 80% of our heating systems are inefficient – which leads to higher energy bills as well as high emissions.

By simply taking a picture of the radiators, ThermaFy uses thermal imaging software to determine in real-time which radiators are running as they should, and which are inefficient and require adjustments or cleaning. Without this kind of software and technology to assess a home’s central heating system, an engineer must manually check all radiators – which can be a time-consuming and arduous process. Armed with better information about their central heating system, homeowners can then take cost-effective steps to improve the efficiency of their homes, lower energy usage and help tackle rising bills.

ThermaFy partners with large organisations (NatWest Bank, National Grid, HSBC, M&S Bank and others) to rollout hundreds of home energy assessments to their employees.

Useful learnings from ThemaFy

Thermal imaging technology can be an efficient method of identifying and tracing heat losses and making invisible inefficiencies visible. The resulting heat loss survey can be useful for various applications, from pinpointing defects to planning a retrofit program to writing an energy-efficient house specification.

ThemaFy's metrics

Number of home energy assessments.
Partnerships with big employers to reach employees’ households.
Household carbon emission and energy bill reductions.
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