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Using AI to deliver fleet optimisation to generate savings and efficiencies of up to 30%.

  • FORS Transport Planner has partnered with The Algorithm People (TAP)
  • Optimize AI algorithms generate efficiency gains for Welch's Transport
  • Specialised logistics for Electric Vehicles

The Algorithm People's story

The Algorithm People (TAP) specialise in fleet optimisation, which is proven to generate savings and efficiencies of up to 30%. TAP are also experts in optimising ultra-low emission and electric vehicles (EVs). TAP help fleets to become more efficient by using algorithms to increase vehicle utilisation, reduce costs and cut emissions. TAP's algorithms make the planning process quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Furthermore, these algorithms can also identify which vehicles and routes are suitable for EVs or last-mile delivery – and how to optimise these vehicles to achieve the maximum return on investment.

The fundamental premise of TAP and the platform we provide to our clients is to optimise their fleets. This process is also the first stage for companies in their journey to decarbonise their business. As such, our journey to Net Zero as a business was a no brainer as optimisation is one of the three foundation pillars of our business. It is important to us that we lead by example.

TAP has signed up and are part of the SME Climate Hub and have made a commitment to be Next Zero by 2030 and have created a 'living' company Climate Pledge document. We have also taken a decision to make journeys to client or partner sites by exception only. Before embarking on our Net Zero journey, 80% of the team would be on the road for three to four days a week. Journeys were predominantly made by car (petrol) and would require overnights. We have pivoted to only go out on the road by exception. We are also realistic and understand that this may not always be possible. For this reason we have also committed to the One Tree Planted scheme so that we are able to start our offsetting process for any journeys that have to be made and that are not carbon neutral i.e.: domestic flights.

We are lucky to be based in an area that is a hot bed of talent and innovation. Being based in the North East has resulted in partnerships with other innovative businesses and we have had tremendous support from the local Chamber of Commerce and other associations based out of Newcastle that have continued to champion our business.

Useful learnings from The Algorithm People

Make sure your team understands why you are embarking on achieving Net Zero for your business and what this will mean for the business, the stakeholders and the wider community by doing this.

It is important that the whole team understand and are bought into the commitment you are making as it will take everyone's efforts across the business to make a difference.

Considering the effect of your actions and decisions you make at work will have on the steps you are taking needs to be part of the fabric of the business.

The Algorithm People's metrics

Number of miles saved for clients.
Amount of carbon savings.

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