Tees Valley Industrial Decarbonisation Cluster Plan

Evaluating between 20–40 Industrials and how their activities can be further decarbonised to help meet the goal of Net Zero by 2040.

8,800,000 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Chemical and Process Industries on Teesside

Our story

The project is part funded by UKRI and is part of the wider ISCF IDC challenge to decarbonise industrial clusters around the UK with the target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The Cluster Plan will develop the roadmap to decarbonise the Tees Valley industrial cluster by 2040. It will include all of the major Industrials in the region that can provide the most significant contributions to decarbonisation. We are currently evaluating between 20 – 40 Industrials in this process, and this includes existing assets and assets that are likely to be operational by 2040. In this context “decarbonisation” is any activity that helps meet the goal of Net Zero by 2040 – whether this is carbon capture and storage; energy reduction; feedstocks & fuels switching; increased use or generation of renewable energy; and any other similar activity or technology.

Our advice

Our project is still in progress, but our early learning point so far is that early and persistent engagement with all stakeholders is important: it is vital to recognise the different perspectives and priorities of different stakeholders.

Our metrics

Carbon dioxide emissions saved
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