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Transitioning homes and businesses to cheaper, low-energy LED lighting products and solutions that reduce their lighting bills as well as their lighting's carbon footprint.

T&E Howie Lighting's story

Trading for over 50 years, Howie Lighting is a family run business based in Londonderry that specialises in highly efficient, low-energy lighting plans and products for residential and commercial projects.

LED lighting is not a new technology, although LED light bulbs have evolved to become much brighter while still being very energy efficient. Today, LED light bulbs produce more light for less electricity, last much longer and don't contain hazardous chemicals – and are the logical choice for lighting applications in homes and workplaces.

Transitioning to low-energy lighting is one of easiest and quickest ways for homeowners and businesses to reduce their lighting bills as well as their lighting's carbon footprint.

T&E Howie Lighting advice

"The advice I would give to organisations that are just starting on their net-zero journey is to try and look at things from a bird's eye view. If it's you just telling people to turn off lights or turn down the heating, you're probably going to bang your head against a brick wall. Get your staff and your employees to buy into the changes because if you're all in it together than it feels like everyone is playing a part in it."
- Paul Howie

T&E Howie Lighting metrics

Selling our LED lighting products and solutions.
Reducing client's lighting bills and carbon footprint.

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