Sunderland Street Lighting

Sunderland City Council have completed the citywide rollout of LED street lighting, and are now working to convert traffic signals and street-lit signs. This will help to deliver energy, financial and carbon savings.

9,000 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Sunderland City Council's story

Over the last 4 years, the Council has replaced over 48,000 streetlights across the city with LED lighting.

From the start of the project until now, this has reduced annual energy consumption from street lighting by over 20,000MWh, and annual carbon savings of 9,000 tonnes.

In addition to the street lighting replacement scheme, the Council is now delivering LED lighting to parks and associated buildings, Traffic Signals and Lit Signs, which will deliver additional carbon and energy savings.

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Useful learnings from Sunderland City Council

Working with an experienced competent designer, contractor, and industry leading supplier has been key to the success of this project.

There is only one real area of caution; LED lighting is more directional than traditional street lighting, as a result there is likely to be less spill lighting beyond the highway. This may result in adjacent areas of public space no longer lit to the same extent, in some cases additional assets may be desirable, this is where an experienced designer is key. Public communication on this matter is also important, while some will see a reduction in light pollution, shining through windows etc. as a positive, there will be some who see reduced spill lighting of their private property as a negative.

Otherwise, advice to others would be to make the switch. The carbon savings are immediate, while the financial payback can be achieved over a relatively short period, this is truly a win-win carbon reduction initiative.

Sunderland City Council's metrics

Carbon emissions from purchased electricity.
Electricity consumption in kWh from street lighting.
Cost savings.
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