Providing positive health and psychological wellbeing opportunities for a wide variety of people of mixed cycling abilities.

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who benefit directly

All inclusive cycling for a Downs Syndrome group twice a month.
Recipient of a free bike at our children's Christmas bike giveaway.
A selection of our bikes, available for all abilities and ages.

Our story

by Streetbikes

We set up as a CIC in 2012 and became a charity in 2017 and have 2 arms to what we do. The first is our mixed ability cycling sessions at a local running track where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can exercise and interact in a safe and secure environment.

There are no limitations to who can attend... we even have bikes that wheelchairs can be loaded onto. We rely heavily on volunteers and provide Duke of Edinburgh participants with opportunities to gain their awards. The other part of our charity refurbishes donated bikes and on sells them at an affordable price or gives them away to designated organisations and groups.

None of our donated bikes go into landfill as any we cannot resurrect are sold for scrap! We received five-year funding from the Lottery and are in a position to fund part of our full costs from our sale of bikes We feel we act as a gold standard for the true meaning of inclusivity in cycling. We also feel we act as a gold-standard template for accessible and affordable community health projects in the UK. Streetbikes creates the possibility and opportunity to enhance active and sustainable travel solutions for both able-bodied and disabled individuals. We feel physical health is enhanced through engagement with us, and we help to improve individuals' psychological wellbeing, specifically through creating meaning and giving a sense of purpose.

Our advice

The project was set up as there was a gap in the cycling landscape for people with disabilities as seen by the founders caring for her sister with autism.

The local council were happy to fund us initially as we filled a gap in their provision and we produced a book chronicling what we did and used it to get funding from the National Lottery. It was relatively easy to engage local community groups as we filled a gap for many.

Constant exposure on social media kept us in the spotlight and our volunteer base grew via referrals from organisations to assist with health issues, isolation etc. In hindsight I feel we should have worked in partnership with other charities and groups sooner than we did.

Our metrics

Total number of attendees at sessions – breakdown on disabilities.
Total number taught to ride bikes – breakdown on ages.
Total number of bikes recycled and reused – breakdown on resold at affordable price and given away free to determined agencies.
Total number of bikes sent for scrap rather than landfill.
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