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Space Group is leading by example to reduce our carbon footprint.

Directors at Space Group.

Our story

By Rob Charlton, Space Group Chief Executive

Space Group includes Space Architects, BIM Technologies, Bimstore, CAMPUS and Volula.

As architects, we design buildings which minimise the use of carbon in construction and operation. To do this, we need to practice what we preach so we decided to reduce the amount of carbon we use as a business.

We reviewed every aspect of our business. In our HQ, we have installed LED lighting in all areas and installed VRF heating. We have moved to green electricity.

All purchasing is reviewed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We have reviewed our waste and recycling and now even have on-site composting.

We encourage electric vehicles and have a cycle to work scheme.

Our focus on reducing carbon has also reduced costs. We have made progress very quickly and made significant reductions.

We now are looking at on-site generation via photovoltaics and offsetting. We are also looking to purchasing land to plant our own trees.

Our advice

The main advice would be to make a start. Carbon reduction is far easier than you might think.

Our metrics

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