Somerset Climate Action Network

Enabling the changes needed to bring down emissions whilst adapting to climate change in Somerset.

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Our story

We are all about networking, empowering and building the a movement so that as many people in the county can be doing all they can to reduce their carbon and adapt to the climate changes we are already facing.

Our advice

We are a diverse network of people from across the County, united in our aim to maximise our impact on communities, councils and businesses in addressing the Climate and Ecological Emergency in Somerset.

Our approach is to empower, advise and aggregate actions by and with everyone involved to accelerate change across Somerset.

Our mission: to catalyse systemic action to drive down carbon emissions across Somerset.

Our interim goal: by 2024, we aim to have won the case for concerted action across all aspects of life to make Somerset net zero carbon by 2030.

The science is ever more clear, the debate far behind us, the time for concerted action rather than simply empty targets is now.
COP26 is in Glasgow in November 2021. Many are saying this is the last chance for the world to take concerted, meaningful action on the biggest challenge facing our species.

Covid 19 has been a shock for many, not least for many mourning the premature loss of loved ones and those suffering with long term health effects or the economic aftermath. Hopefully though the pandemic will have helped to strengthen connections between people and appreciation of nature and its critical contribution to resolving the climate emergency.

The response to Covid 19 has also created a terrible drain on local resources and a hiatus in addressing the immense and larger threat we face from increasing carbon emissions and the worsening climate situation. Combined with this, we have the unfortunate distraction of a unitary debate in Somerset. Once a decision is made and the route-map to a new form of local
democracy is mapped out, Somerset CAN will continue to lobby hard and work as closely as possible with the new council(s) to make up for lost time and head for a Zero Carbon Somerset by 2030.

Somerset CAN will also look for other opportunities to collaborate, to network, to train, to empower as much as we can as we emerge beyond Covid; business as usual is simply not an option.

Our metrics

Empower and upskill 1,000 climate action champions through the Somerset Climate Action Networkers scheme by 2025
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