Reading Buses

Reading Bus Company use biomethane to power a third of their bus fleet.

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Reading Bus Company's Story

Reading Bus company are enabling people to make sustainable choices, through their use of biomethane to power a third of their bus fleet. Biomethane is a renewable gas source; Reading's biomethane is a naturally occurring gas that is produced by food waste and cattle slurry by anaerobic digestion.

These super environmentally friendly bio-gas buses will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 84% compared to an equivalent brand-new diesel double-decker bus. This is almost carbon-neutral as they're using feedstock and carbon which would otherwise go to waste and be released directly into the atmosphere. Where this waste would biodegrade naturally and be released as methane, the impact on climate change would be much greater than by simply burning the gas to release CO2.

Reading Bus Company purchase gas through the Gas Bus Alliance which sells “virtual” bio-methane produced from renewable resources, including cow poo! The Gas Bus Alliance will remotely inject an energy equivalent volume of bio-natural gas into the National Grid network to balance the gas taken directly from the mains and compressed by Reading Buses. In the future, they are also looking to have electric buses too!

Useful Learnings from Reading Bus Company

Do your research into all the different options, and make a well-informed decision about your sustainability actions and start now!

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A Reading Bus running on biomethane.